MotionEngine™ Wear

High Performance and low power activity tracking, sleep monitoring, context awareness, gesture control, and navigation for wearable devices.

Freespace MotionEngine Wear software for wearable devices provides high quality context awareness, automatically tracks users’ daily activities and simplifies the user experience with intuitive gesture controls. MotionEngine Wear provides always-on sensing at low power without compromising the accuracy or reliability of a wearable device. MotionEngine Wear also includes Hillcrest Labs’ industry leading sensor fusion and calibration algorithms for precise, drift- and jitter-free device orientation and heading to serve as the foundation for navigation applications. MotionEngine Wear is ideal for use in smartwatches, activity and fitness bands, health and sleep monitors, and smart clothing.

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Uses and Applications in Wearable Devices

MotionEngine Wear offers the foundation for a variety of wearable device applications including automatic activity tracking, advanced sleep monitoring, context awareness, orientation outputs and intuitive gesture controls. MotionEngine Wear’s sensor processing technology brings wearable devices such as smartwatches, activity trackers to life.

Sensor Independent / Agnostic

Hillcrest achieves best in class performance through a unique sensor characterization process. MotionEngine Wear supports a variety of sensors from different vendors, increasing supply chain flexibility and reducing integration complexity

Platform Flexibility

MotionEngine Wear can be provided as a software library or chip executable to support a variety of device architectures. The software is compatible with ARM Cortex-M, Cadence Tensilica Fusion DSP, and Synopsys ARC EM based platforms.

MotionEngine Wear also integrates easily with bare metal or with operating systems such as Android, FreeRTOS and others for maximum platform flexibility.

Automatic Activity Tracking and Context Awareness

Algorithms specifically tuned for wearable devices can automatically track a variety of users’ daily physical activities such as walking and running steps taken, stairs climbed or if the user is in a vehicle such as a car or if the user is riding a bicycle.

Advanced Sleep Monitoring

Proprietary sleep-state algorithm uses a low power method to capture motion data related to users’ sleep quality

Precise Compass Heading and Orientation

Hillcrest’s industry-leading calibration and sensor fusion algorithms ensure precise, drift- and jitter-free device orientation and compass heading to provide the foundation for navigation applications

Intuitive Gesture Controls

Users can perform motion gestures to interact naturally with devices, such as “glance” gesture which is used to detect when a user looks at the front-facing screen