MotionEngine™ Smart TV

The Ultimate Motion Control Solution for Smart TVs

Freespace MotionEngine Smart TV
is powerful sensor fusion software which brings cursor, gesture, and motion control to Smart TVs and their peripherals. The product of over a decade of research and numerous successful mass market deployments, it is the highest performing motion solution available for Smart TVs.


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TV as a Tablet

MotionEngine Smart TV brings the smartphone and tablet user experience to the TV. Intuitive motion controls replicate the point-and-press, swipes, gestures, and drag-and drop functions which have made smartphones and tablets essential to own and easy to use.

Making Smart TV Fun

MotionEngine empowers users to go beyond the traditional TV experience by making app interaction, motion gaming, web browsing, and content discovery on the TV fun and engaging.

Pick Up and Play

The industry’s most advanced sensor calibration and sensor fusion combine with unique Freespace features to create natural and intuitive controls that users can instantly use.

Proven Results

MotionEngine Smart TV is integrated into numerous successful mass market products which are used by millions of consumers every day.


MotionEngine Smart TV vs Lite

Two MotionEngine products are optimized for the needs of Smart TV companies: MotionEngine Smart TV and MotionEngine Lite. MotionEngine Smart TV is typically host-based and provides the most comprehensive and advanced motion processing features available to the industry. MotionEngine Lite is typically an embedded solution which provides comparable pointing and cursor control performance without some of the additional motion features provided by the full Smart TV software.

For more information on MotionEngine Lite, please click here, or contact us to discuss which would be the best one for your current project.

Comprehensive Motion Coverage

  • Precise Cursor Control – Provides the most accurate and stable cursor control available
  • Gesture Library  Includes support for event gestures, single & multi-stroke gestures and virtual controls, allowing applications to use tilts, rolls, twists, shakes and symbol gestures for UI control and fun casual games
  • Gesture Recognition Engine – Over 50 pre-defined character gestures and unlimited user-defined gestures
  • Advanced Gaming – Full motion output enables realistic golf, tennis and driving simulators, as well as point and click games

Ultimate Performance

  • Automatic Calibration – Eliminates gyro drift and accelerometer offset with no user calibration requirements
  • Intelligent Motion Stabilization – Stabilizes motion caused by hand tremor and in-air button clicks
  • Orientation Compensation – Patented feature which ensures ‘up’ is always ‘up’ regardless of remote control position and roll
  • Smallest ‘Dead Zone’ – Reduced motion dead zone vs. competitors makes it easier to select small targets
  • Lowest Latency – Systems optimized for minimal latency and responsive feel

Flexible Implementations

  • Modular architecture and compact code size
  • Host (TV or Set Top Box) SoC, remote control, or USB transceiver dongle processing locations
  • Available for Linux® and Android™
  • Portable to custom platforms