MotionEngine™ Mobile

Low Cost, Low Power Motion for Mobile

Freespace MotionEngine Mobile is a motion software package which delivers high performance, low power, and sensor independent motion processing for Smartphones, Tablets and other mobile devices. Individual sensor data is transformed through advanced calibration and sophisticated sensor fusion into application ready data which powers motion apps including context awareness, advanced gaming, augmented reality, and even pedestrian navigation.


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Sensor Independent / Agnostic

Hillcrest’s unique sensor qualification lab elevates the performance of all sensors and ensures equally high performance from sensors from many leading brands. This makes MotionEngine Mobile uniquely sensor agnostic, increasing supply chain flexibility and reducing integration complexity.

High Performance for Advanced Motion Applications

With the most accurate motion data available, MotionEngine Mobile is an ideal foundation for advanced motion apps including context awareness, pedestrian navigation, augmented reality and more.

Low Power Sensor Hub Solution

MotionEngine Mobile is featured in a proven sensor hub solution which exceeds industry specifications. This enables rapid development of low power sensor networks.

Proven Mass-Market Success

MotionEngine software solutions are used by millions of people daily. This proven reliability is essential for the demanding mobile device industry.

Low Power Sensor Hub Solution

MotionEngine Mobile gets better motion data using less power. It does this through:

  • Sensor Hub – when implemented on a sensor hub MotionEngine uses 50% less power than other sensor hub solutions, with even greater savings compared to applications processor implementations.
  • Intelligent Sensor Management – MotionEngine can intelligently manage sensor states and sample rates to preserve power when not needed.

Sensor, Hardware and OS Agnostic

  • Sensor Qualification Lab – maximizes sensor value by improving performance while allowing sensor suppliers to be switched without complicated and expensive software reintegration.
  • Motion System Evaluation – proprietary testing methods quantify motion performance and ensure solutions exceed industry specifications
  • Platform and OS Flexible – solutions ported to many major hardware platforms as well as the Windows 8 and Android operating systems

High Performance for Advanced Applications

Objective tests show MotionEngine Mobile provides significantly better motion performance than solutions featured in current leading phones. This means smoother and more responsive applications today, and paves the way for advanced motion applications such as context awareness and pedestrian navigation. Features which elevate performance include:

  • Automated Magnetic Calibration – Dynamically removes hard and soft iron effects with no user calibration requirement.
  • No Gyro Drift – Real-time, automated gyroscopic stabilization eliminates gyro drift.
  • Lowest Latency – Systems optimized for minimal latency and responsive feel with configurable sample rates.