MotionEngine™ Lite

MotionEngine Performance with a Smaller Footprint

Freespace MotionEngine Lite is a motion software package which provides high performance in-air cursor control with a minimized footprint, primarily for the Smart TV market. It runs on high volume, low cost 8-bit remote control RF SoCs which enables low costs and simple integration while preserving many features from the full MotionEngine Smart TV software.


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Superior Cursor Control

MotionEngine Lite provides stable and precise cursor output for the most efficient Smart TV user interface navigation.

Minimal Footprint

Small footprint and low memory requirements allow MotionEngine Lite to run on embedded processors.

Rapid Implementation

MotionEngine Lite is pre-integrated with some of the most popular embedded processors today and is easily portable to other high volume, low cost 8-bit SoCs to enable simple integration and rapid product development.

Pick Up and Play

MotionEngine Lite shares many features with the full MotionEngine Smart TV software package. These features ensure that Freespace remote controls are intuitive and enable all users to instantly exert precise control with no user-calibration requirements.

MotionEngine Lite vs Smart TV

MotionEngine Lite joins MotionEngine Smart TV in Hillcrest’s line of software available to Smart TV companies. MotionEngine Smart TV is typically host-based and provides the most comprehensive and advanced motion processing features available to the industry. MotionEngine Lite is typically an embedded solution which provides comparable pointing and cursor control performance without some of the additional motion features provided by the full Smart TV software.

For more information on MotionEngine Smart TV, please click here, or contact us to discuss which would be most appropriate for your current project.

Pixel Perfect Pointing

  • Incredibly accurate and stable cursor control which exceeds any other product with similarly low load and memory requirements.
  • Character gestures gestures can be supported through integration with a host based Freespace Gesture Recognition Engine.

Ultimate Performance

  • Automatic Calibration – Eliminates Gyro drift and interference with no user calibration requirements
  • Intelligent Motion Stabilization – Stabilizes motion caused by hand tremor and in-air button clicks
  • Orientation Compensation – Patented feature which ensures ‘up’ is always ‘up’ regardless of remote control position and roll
  • Smallest ‘Dead Zone’ – Reduced motion dead zone vs. competitors makes it easier to select small targets
  • Lowest Latency – Systems optimized for minimal latency and responsive feel

Flexible Implementations

MotionEngine Lite is an embedded software solution and is available through license. Designed for flexibility, it is:

  • Pre-Integrated – on the popular TI CC2533 (RF4CE) and CC2541 (BLE) for rapid implementations.
  • Easily Portable – to other processors, and available as a library for independent porting.