SH-1 Sensor Hub

Sensor Hub 4The SH-1 is an intelligent sensor hub software stack which makes low power, context aware sensing possible in mobile, wearable, and Internet of Things (“IoT”) devices.    

The turn-key solution includes the highest quality sensor fusion, gesture and context awareness features, optimized sensor drivers, and the hub/host interface with the Application Processor (“AP”). Through its unique power saving features the SH-1 provides ‘always-on’ sensing without compromising on accuracy, reliability, or functionality.

The SH-1 is compatible with the Freespace® MotionElements software to enable additional context awareness and gesture recognition functions.


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Turnkey Sensor Hub Solution

It is pre-integrated with the Atmel SAMD-20 Cortex M0+ low power MCU as a turn-key solution and is compatible with ARM Cortex M0+, M3 and M4 based MCUs for maximum flexibility.  The SH-1 also supports sensors from the leading suppliers to ensure the fastest time to market with the latest in sensor hub technology.

Ultra-Low Power for ‘Always On’ Functions

Intelligent power management algorithms make the SH-1 incredibly power efficient. It includes intelligent reporting rate adjustments, context aware power management modes, data batching and other features to lower power demands and enable unique ‘always on’ functionality.

Industry Leading Performance 

The SH-1 includes MotionEngine Mobile software. This uses industry leading dynamic calibration and advanced sensor fusion to ensure superior motion tracking, more accurate context recognition, and more reliable gesture capture.

  • MotionEngine™ Mobile Sensor Fusion – Hillcrest’s flagship software solution is the foundation of the SH-1’s performance and provides unparalleled power and accuracy through a range of exclusive features.
  • Environmental Sensor Management – supports environmental sensors to enable additional applications using pressure, ambient light, proximity, temperature and humidity data. 
  • ‘Always-on’ Capabilities– includes software to enable context awareness and gesture recognition at low power.
  • Android 4.4 Compatible – full support for new specifications in Android 4.3.
  • Intelligent Power Management Modes – intelligently manages sensor states to conserve power without sacrificing quality of motion data or overall performance.
  • ARM Cortex M0+, M3, and M4 Compatible – pre-integrated with popular processors and easily portable to others.
  • Optimized Sensor Drivers – improved sensor drivers provide better access to data from included sensors.
  • Fast Time to Market – pre-integrated with popular MCUs and MEMS sensors  to create a turnkey solution.


Sensor Hub Block Diagram

Sensor Hub Block v2


SmartphonesProvides a range of 'always on' functionality to make the phone more aware and more intelligent, while maintaining superior power performance
Tablets, Ultrabooks, and ConvertiblesMaximizes sensor based functionality while minimizing power impact on larger mobile devices.
Head Mounted Displays (HMDs)Precisely tracks head movements and user context while extending device battery life.
Wearable ElectonicsProvides a range of functionality at ultra low power to a wide variety of wearable electronics.
Internet of Things (IoT)High performance motion can enhance interaction with and functionality of many devices in the emerging Internet of Things.