For the past decade our large team of researchers, engineers, product and software developers has worked on various projects centered on developing exceptional motion enabled products and user experiences. The result is numerous successful mass market products, a dominant intellectual property portfolio and a wealth of expertise in all aspects of motion integration.

Our consulting services are provided exclusively to partners and customers as a value-added service, and support their development efforts through:

  • Accelerating Time to Market – including integrated motion in dozens of products, we can quickly diagnose, troubleshoot and overcome common obstacles encountered in the development process.
  • Product Testing and Optimization – our experienced team can provide feedback and suggestions to improve core system design factors such as latency, precision and accuracy.
  • Sensor Selection Consultation – our rigorous and unique sensor qualification program allows us to share insights which ensure customers select the best value sensor for their specific product and application.
  • User Interface Improvement – as experts in motion enabled natural user interfaces (NUIs), we can offer improvements to the design of NUIs.

Expertise and consulting are offered in a number of areas of motion integration including:

  • Hardware Design – improving ergonomics and usability of motion-enabled remote controls and other devices.
  • Motion System Optimization – improving latency, accuracy, cursor control, sensor calibration and more.
  • User Interface Consultation – developing motion controlled user interfaces, menu systems and content screens on a variety of devices.
  • Application Design and Development – building apps which provide immersive and valuable user experiences.