Scoop Wireless Presenter

Scoop Wireless Presenter
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The Scoop™ Wireless Presenteris a white label air-mouse which instantly enables high performing motion, gesture, and cursor control of any USB-compatible device including both PCs and Macs. It combines high performing 6-axis MEMS sensors and MotionEngine Smart TV software in a design optimized for dynamic control of presentations, and includes a laser pointer. It is a sister device to the Scoop Pointer Remote.



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Advanced In-Air Mouse

The Scoop Wireless Presenter has been designed, tested and optimized for precise motion control of PCs and Macs. Cursor control, gestures and full motion gaming are all just a USB connection away.

Instant Presentation Control

In-air mouse functions, a simple button design and the integrated laser pointer give users complete control of key presentation functions.

Setting Presenters Free

With no line of sight requirements and Hillcrest’s patented Orientation Compensation feature, the presenter can sit, stand or move around the room and maintain complete control.

Optimized User Experience

The elegant hardware design pairs with intelligent software to provide an intuitive and natural user experience.

Great Hardware and Software:

  • MotionEngine™ – Uses Hillcrest’s industry leading software package to ensure the most complete and advanced motion control available.
  • High-Performance MEMS Sensors – Integrates fully tested and qualified MEMS accelerometer and gyroscope from leading MEMS sensor suppliers.


Unlocks New Functions:

  • Simple Operating System Navigation – functions as an in-air mouse for complete OS control
  • Dynamic Presentation Experience – patented software features allow orientation-free use of the remote control, and there are no line-of sight requirements. Therefore users can sit, stand or move around the room and still be in complete control.
  • Gaming and Web Browsing – the precise motion data can also be used to intuitively control other programs including games and web browsers.


Optimized Design

  • Hand Sized – the Scoop just feels right in your hand, making it easy to use small movements for full motion controls.
  • Simple Button Layout – the seven buttons and a scroll wheel control all key functions of Smart TV systems
  • Laser Pointer – integrated laser pointer to maintain key presenter features


Simple to Use

  • USB-Compatible – The Scoop connects via USB dongle with no special installation needed to any USB-HID compatible device.  
  • Low Power – uses two AAA batteries with ‘Wake on Motion’ function to extend battery life.