The BNO070 is no longer recommended for new designs, please use the BNO080

BNO070 with Sensors

The BNO070 is a 9-axis System in Package (SiP) which enables rapid prototyping and development of sensor-enabled wearable technology and IoT devices. Co-developed by Bosch and Hillcrest Labs, it features a high-performance accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscope with a low-power 32-bit ARM Cortex M0+ MCU in a small package. Hillcrest’s sensor hub software pre-integrated on the BNO070 provides responsive motion tracking, accurate step counting, and reliable gesture recognition to enable exciting sensor applications in diverse consumer products.

The BNO070 is powered by Hillcrest’s sensor hub software optimized for wearable devices such as head mounted displays (HMDs). The BNO070’s ultra-low power consumption and accurate motion tracking enable better user experiences for wearable devices. The compact size – just 5.2 x 3.8 x 1.1 mm3 – is also ideal for easy integration in a range of devices.

With sensors and software pre-optimized, the BNO070 eases system integration to provide faster time to market, reduces development costs, and more consistent performance to the wearable device and IoT markets.

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Hillcrest’s BNO070 Development Kit is a demonstration and evaluation platform for the BNO070. The development kit is designed as a ‘shield’ that can connect to open prototyping platforms such as the Arduino™ (pending) and STM32 Nucleo (included with the kit).


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A Turn-Key Sensor Solution

The hardware and software in the BNO070 has been optimized to ensure low power consumption without sacrificing sensor performance. This enables rapid development of sensor enabled products with advanced sensor functions and enhanced user experiences. The BNO070 includes 9-axis sensors and a microcontroller in a competitively priced single package, eliminating the complexity and investment associated with a discrete design.


Advanced Sensor Functions

The BNO070 enables a range of advanced sensor functions which facilitate application development. These include accurate and responsive 3D motion tracking, reliable step counter with advanced false-positive rejection, and filters to reduce jumps and jitter in VR and AR applications.


Real-Time Calibration and Fusion

The BNO070 provides the industry’s most advanced real-time calibration and fusion engine. This includes dynamic calibration for magnetometers (magnetic distortion and magnetic interference rejection), gyroscopes (zero-rate offset) and accelerometers (zero-g offset) to ensure both sensor data and application performance is unmatched in BNO070-enabled devices.

BNO070 Specs

BNO070Technical Data
Size5.2mm x 3.8mm x 1.1mm
Update Rate≤400Hz
Static AccuracyHeading: 1.0°
Non-Heading: 1.0°
Dynamic AccuracyHeading: 3.0°
Non-Heading: 2.3°


Head Mounted Displays

The most precise and stable motion control meets the exacting requirements of military-grade Head Mounted Displays (HMDs). Proprietary technology ensures smooth, responsive motion control for military, law enforcement, emergency services and others.

Virtual Reality

Freespace Sensor Modules bring unprecedented motion realism to military training, industrial development and immersive gaming applications. Responsive, accurate and smooth motion ensures the most immersive and believable experiences in virtual worlds, whether integrated in head mounted displays (HMDs) or as stand alone motion control units.

Vehicle Dynamics

Freespace Sensor Modules can accurately track vehicle usage, braking, acceleration, lane changes, cornering and swerving for both personal and professional drivers. Crash recording applications can utilize FSM products as a ‘black box’ providing vital data to fleet managers, insurance providers, vehicle manufacturers and law enforcement officials.

Industrial Monitoring

Hillcrest’s precision motion tracking and dynamic calibration are ideally suited to industrial monitoring applications. The motion trending performance of mechanical equipment can easily be monitored to determine maintenance needs well ahead of failure. Advanced power saving features allow for applications where power is difficult to obtain. Dynamic temperature calibration ensures accurate monitoring in mobile, as well as stationary equipment.

Home Medical Monitoring

Compact size, advanced power saving features, and accurate motion tracking makes FSM products ideal for wearable medical monitors, providing simple interfaces for fall detection, orientation, activity, and sleep cycle tracking. Orientation compensation allows for proper monitoring whether the device is worn around the neck or kept in a pocket. ‘Is-worn’ detection lets caregivers know when the device is not in use.

Sports & Fitness

Precise motion tracking provides previously unobtainable insight into athletic and fitness activity and performance. While in the gym, form and repetition count can be precisely monitored, and the patented tremor detection algorithms can track muscle fatigue. Dynamic calibration means the athlete never has to stop training to reset the device.


With robots reliant on sensors to perceive the world around them, accurate 3-D motion detection is a critical component of practical robotic context awareness. FSM products overcome common motion sensor deficiencies to provide the most accurate and reliable multi-axial motion detection to maintain stability and attitude in advanced robotics.