Hillcrest, Ozmo powering WiFi, motion-sensing remote controls

FierceCable (10/10/12), By Steve Donohue

Look for a new line of remote controls from manufacturers of set-tops, smart TVs and streaming media players early next year that integrate technology from Hillcrest Labs and Ozmo Devices. Read on at FierceCable.


Making every TV ‘smart’

EETimes (8/28/12), By R. Colin Johnson

Hillcrest Labs Inc. announced Tuesday (Aug. 28) it downsized its motion processing algorithms to run on an 8-bit microcontroller inside a television remote control. Known as Freespace MotionEngine Lite, the software allows nearly any TV manufacture to convert existing “dumb” models into Smart TVs merely by choosing the right remote. Read on at EETimes.


MotionEngine Lite revealed with Smart TV intentions

SlashGear (8/27/12), By Chris Burns

The folks at Hillcrest Labs have revealed a brand new addition to their Freespace MotionEngine software family: MotionEngine Lite – made specifically for in-air cursor control with Smart TVs. Systems with this software will be able to bring on Smart TV motion control action with lower cost and simpler implementation than the larger cross-section of solutions on today’s market. This little magic wand-waving solution will be working with Texas Instruments ZigBee RF4CE and Bluetooth connected devices starting this week. Read on at SlashGear.

Videonet (8/3/12)

As with any emerging technology, there is debate between alternate systems for implementation of motion. For example, in 3D TV, there are active vs. passive systems. Similarly, in motion control systems, there are relative vs. absolute systems. Read on at Videonet. 


Between Driver and Fusion

EEJournal (7/20/12), By Bryon Moyer

I recently got a chance to talk with Hillcrest Labs, another big mover in the motion market. … We discussed the usual sensor fusion stuff, which, of course, is now bread and butter for them. They do this in a sensor-agnostic way, writing drivers from the data sheets and using an internal lab to characterize the sensors to obtain data not available in the datasheets. Read more at EEJournal. 

‘Doom 3’ comes to virtual reality in new head-mounted display

USA Today (6/5/12), By Mike Snider

id Software co-founder John Carmack plans to package a 3-D virtual reality headset with special editions of the Doom 3 BFG Edition coming this fall. … He contacted motion sensor tech firm Hillcrest Labs, which wrote new custom firmware that doubled the refresh rate. Read on at USA Today. 

You make MEMS. Should you make sensor fusion software?

Solid State Technology (5/25/12), By Meredith Courtemanche

Hillcrest Labs and Sensor Platforms both released sensor fusion programs recently. Motion control software can “limit sensor choice, integration flexibility, and performance” in the system design, said Chad Lucien, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Hillcrest Labs. The major benefit of software-company sensor fusion is that MEMS can come from any manufacturer in the marketplace. For high-volume applications that require secondary sourcing of components, a hardware-agnostic sensor fusion platform eliminates supply bottlenecks. Read on at Solid State Technology.