Hillcrest Labs Brings Advanced Motion Control to Oppo Mobile Devices

Sensors Magazine (2/28/2014)

Hillcrest announced that Oppo, a leading Chinese CE manufacturer and smartphone OEM, is using Hillcrest’s Freespace software to provide advanced motion-based functionality on their latest smartphones to enable intuitive gesture recognition to simplify the user experience for smartphone users. Read more at Sensors Magazine.

What’s in Your Wearable

Multichannel News (2/10/2014), Leslie Ellis

By now, you’re either wearing something that monitors your activities or you’ve witnessed such gadgetry on someone’s wrist, shoelace or belt. We’re now about five years into the rise of wearable tech … That means it’s time to take a brief walk through the jargon jumble describing what’s inside the gadgetry of trackers — because it’s thick … The gyroscope, which also falls into the MEMS category, it measures orientation, based on the principles of angular momentum. In essence, it’s a self-spinning top, just like the toy … all of the devices powered by companies like Hillcrest, put gyroscopes to work as high-end pointing devices. Read more at Multichannel News.

Hot tech at CES: Sensor hub solutions

ECN Magazine (January/February)

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Hillcrest Labs believes sensor hubs will be all the rage in consumer electronics this year and will be seen in mobile, wearable and Internet of things (IoT) devices. Read more at ECN.

Dan Simpkins: Cornell University College of Engineering

Cornell Engineering School Alumni Profiles

Cornell Engineering



When Dan Simpkins was a freshman at Cornell, he had two majors. “When I started as an undergraduate, I was a double major in engineering and pre med.  As you can imagine, life wasn’t pretty. After one year I had to regroup,” says Simpkins. “Four hours of sleep per night was just not sustainable. That experience made me sit down and think about what was really important to me.”

Today, Simpkins is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hillcrest Labs, developers of the ‘Smart TV’ concept and global leader in software, hardware, and intellectual property for motion-enabled consumer electronics. Before Hillcrest, he founded SALIX Technologies, which was a leading developer of voice-over-internet services in the 1990s. Simpkins sold SALIX for $300 million in 2000. Read more at the Cornell website. 

CES 2014: Hillcrest Laboratories’ motion applications

ECN Magazine (1/7/14), Jason Lomberg

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Chad Lucien, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing with Hillcrest Labs, demos some of the motion applications the company has been working on, and being the good sport he is, Chad even shows off his bowling “skills”. Read more at ECN Magazine


Top Maryland gadgets at the Consumer Electronics Show

Baltimore Sun (1/6/14)






Incorporating motion technology into everyday appliances will be a major trend at this year’s CES. Rockville-based Hillcrest Labs is at the forefront of this hot sector, embedding motion sensors into everything from tablets to wearable devices. Currently Hillcrest’s technology is used by three of the five largest Internet-enabled TV manufacturers including the LG for its Smart TV and its “Magic Remote.” Read more at Baltimore Sun. 

Washington area tech companies join the ‘Internet of Things’ to automate homes

The Washington Post (1/6/14), Mohana Ravindranath


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A handful of local businesses are joining the trend — particularly in home automation … Others, such as Hillcrest Labs in Rockville, develop the motion sensors often used in connected devices. Read more at The Washington Post.