Low-power sensor hub designed for smartphones, tablets, wearables, and the Internet of Things

ECN Magazine (8/13/2014)

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2014 ECN IMPACT Awards finalist for the SH-1 sensor hub: Sensor hubs are a separate class of chips designed to offload sensor management from the main processor. Hillcrest’s SH-1 sensor hubis a turn-key software solution that provides ‘always on’ features such as context awareness and gesture recognition to augment the consumer experience and minimize system power consumption. Read more at ECN Magazine.

Sensor Fusion in a State of Flux as Companies Fuse Together

MEMSblog (7/17/2014), Rick Volgelei




Hillcrest Labs has a wide customer base.  In March 2014, it was announced that Hillcrest Labs and Bosch Sensortec were collaborating on a sensor hub solution for head mounted displays and wearable devices.  Following the recent announcements concerning their competitors, Hillcrest Labs has seen an uptick in interest for their products. Read more at MEMSblog.

And Then There Was One

EE Journal (7/14/2014), Bryon Moyer




What everyone seems to agree on is the fact that this software is of great strategic importance. Hillcrest Labs’ CEO Dan Simpkins noted that “interest has never been higher in the core technology required to manage sensors and process sensor data.” Read More at EE Journal.


An Open Sensor Platform

EE Journal (5/19/2014), Bryon Moyer

But an obvious question is, what do Sensor Platforms’ colleagues/competitors think about this? The 3rd-party sensor fusion world is dominated by Hillcrest Labs, Movea, and Sensor Platforms. One of these guys – Sensor Platforms – has placed a bet on the table. How are the others responding? Read more at EE Journal.

A market analysis of emerging technology interfaces

GigaOm Pro (5/28/2014), Michael Wolf

In the TV segment, companies like Hillcrest Labs have seen significant uptake of their motion-engine software technology. Hillcrest Labs has embedded software in the TV set itself that processes raw motion data sent from remotes via RF signals. The motion engine takes motion data from the accelerometers and other motion sensors and is able to create end-user applications such as point-and-click navigation for TV navigation guides as well as other applications on a TV screen that could use freespace motion interaction. Read more at GigaOm Pro

Biz News: Hillcrest, Lenovo

Display Plus (4/30/2014)

Hillcrest Labs selected by Lenovo brings motion, gesture and cursor control to Smart TVs. Read more at Display Plus

Experts Share Unique Challenges in Wearable Designs

Chip Design Magazine (4/29/2014), John Blyer

Wearable devices will add a new twist to traditional embedded designs according to experts from ARM, Freescale, Hillcrest Labs, STMicr, Imec and Koinix. Wearable technology design presents challenges different from other embedded markets. To understand these challenges, “System Engineering Design” talked with … Daniel Chaitow, Marketing Communications Manager at Hillcrest Labs [and others] … Read more at Chip Design Magazine.