New Horizons

Success in Smart TV and moving into Mobile was just the start. Developments in sensor technology saw high performance sensors become less expensive, fueling rapid expansion across consumer electronics and beyond. Our advanced technology led to a wide variety of companies from many industries approach us about optimizing our motion for their applications.

This led to our team creating modular and portable solutions which can significantly improve user experiences in all kinds of products. Some of the industries and applications are listed below, and we continuously work with our partners to develop new cutting edge motion experiences.


Motion is a key part of many immersive gaming experiences. The precise control provided by Freespace offers unrivaled control of motion games and our technology is licensed by major gaming companies, used to power casual gaming on Smart TVs and elevates the performance of off-the-shelf mobile games.


Freespace provides the flawless motion required for HMDs, whether they are used for immersive virtual reality and gaming applications or to provide real-time information to industrial processes and emergency services workers.


Health and Fitness

From measuring the performance of professional athletes to providing intelligence on physical therapy treatments to step and calorie counting, Freespace motion can transform how people are evaluate, analyze and improve their activities.


Motion-enabled PC peripherals can benefit both entertainment and productivity. Precise in-air cursor control and gesture navigation can add a new dimension to business presentations and extend the control of media center PCs used to stream video or browse the web at a distance.

Ā Robotics

With robots reliant on sensors to perceive the world around them, accurate 3-D motion detection is a critical component of practical robotic context awareness. Hillcrest’s Freespace technology combines inertial and magnetic sensor outputs, overcoming common motion sensor deficiencies to provide the most accurate and reliable multi-axial motion detection to maintain stability and attitude in advanced robotics.


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