Going Mobile

Having highly visible success in the Smart TV industry was important as all of the challenges we had met and overcome in that space – sensor noise, errors and inaccuracies, controlling motion devices without a desk to rest on, moving in a 3D space – were hampering the emergence of motion in Smartphones and Tablets.

The similarities in the challenges faced by implementing motion control in remote controls and smartphones were uncanny. Both are usually held in the hand and use motion for UI navigation, gaming, web browsing and more. When progressive mobile companies came to us for help solving some of the challenges they faced, they pushed us to optimize our products to meet their specific needs.

This caused us to develop MotionEngine Mobile which meets the low cost, low power and sensor-independent needs of the industry while providing the high performance necessary for advanced applications which will differentiate products in a competitive market.

Today, we are seeing the vision for motion in mobile devices realized. Progressive mobile companies are using sensor fusion software to maximize performance of inertial and magnetic sensor to develop innovative motion-based applications including augmented reality, context awareness and pedestrian navigation.


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