Freespace in Action

Once we honed our motion solutions it was time to test Freespace with consumers. We did this by working with partners to integrate Freespace in their products – bought by millions of consumers – to see how we did. Here are just a few of the notable products featuring Freespace:

The Loop

This proof of concept product was designed from the ground up by Hillcrest to dispel pre-conceived notions of what a remote control should be. Featuring only four buttons, a scroll wheel and an innovative design, the Loop won awards from CES, Popular Mechanics, PC World Magazine, among others.

Logitech MX Air

The first mass-produced Freespace product was a Logitech mouse which could be used both as a traditional mouse as well as an in-air mouse. It was on the market for close to five years and received considerable positive reviews.

“the best mouse I’ve ever used…the mouse is just as much of a joy to use in the air as it is taxiing around on the mousepad tarmac” PC Mag

Kodak Theatre HD

This groundbreaking product maximized the Freespace remote control with a slick user interface optimized for cursor control and pointing, uniting the input and UI systems in a way that few systems since have equaled.

“To say the thing Just Works is an understatement, we really never expected to have a wireless (RF, no line of sight required), surfaceless mousing experience this effortless” – Engadget

LG Smart TVs

Since 2009 Freespace has been powering motion control on LG’s Smart TVs. “Magic Motion” remote controls use cursors and gestures to navigate the entire Smart TV UI and have been met with much acclaim.

“The winning design also extends to LG’s unique motion-sensitive remote — the only clicker on the market that’s actually fun to use….You wave it at the TV and an onscreen cursor follows your movements precisely, allowing quicker selection of menu items and easier navigation in general. Responses were swift and the motion control effortless” – Cnet

Roku 2

Freespace motion enabled the popular ‘Angry Birds’ game to be played on Roku’s X2 streaming media player.

“Angry Birds is already installed, and it works brilliantly with the controller” What HI-Fi

TCL v7500

TCL selected Freespace to bring motion control to their flagship 3D TVs. Freespace offers users cursor and gesture-based UI navigation as well as motion gaming on the Android system.


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