Birth of Freespace

While the power of using motion to control a TV was clear, we soon learned that inertial motion systems are complicated. Cursor control, in-air gestures and motions without a desk to rest a mouse on and while moving in a 3D space poses both technological and systems challenges. We refused to make users learn or calibrate – we demanded a true ‘pick up and play’ solution which was intuitive, natural and fun to use.

To accomplish this, we invented a number of pretty interesting features. These features significantly enhance motion products and differentiate Freespace motion solutions from competitive products to this day, including:

Orientation Compensation

An essential and patent protected feature which ensures ‘up’ is always ‘up’ regardless of how a device is held allowing for relaxed and natural usage.

Automatic Gyroscope Calibration

Our automated calibration methods eliminate gyro drift with no user requirements.

Magnetic Interference Removal

Dynamic tracking of magnetic fields automatically minimizes the effect of hard and soft iron magnetic interference on heading.

Intelligent Motion Stabilization

Stabilizes motion caused by natural human hand tremors and unintentional motion such as is made while clicking a button.

Smallest ‘Dead Zone’

Higher sensitivity levels mean we avoid the motion dead zone found on many competitive products, making fine motion control and selection easier.

Sensor Qualification Lab

Our unique sensor qualification lab provides unique insight into sensor performance, elevating performance of all sensors and ensuring equally high performance from sensors from different sensor brands.


With these features we created a solution which our user tests showed was efficient, fun and versatile. Having met our stringent quality standards, we were ready for the next chapter in the Freespace story.


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