A Visionary Twinkle

Hillcrest Labs was founded in 2001 with a vision of creating what is now known as Smart TV. Realizing that the volume and sources of content for TV were increasing to the point that users were struggling to navigate all that was available to them, Hillcrest set out with a charter to develop a new user interface (UI) which would empower the consumer to browse, select and consume more content more enjoyably.

This was accomplished through the groundbreaking ‘HoME’ TV UI which established many of the concepts central to dozens of Smart TV UIs today. In the development of this interface, which united TV, Apps, web browsing, games and more, it became apparent that existing remote controls would not be sufficient to navigate this content. Static Up/Down/Left/Right controls were restrictive and dull. There had to be a better solution, and Hillcrest set out to find it. It was in the search the ideal solution to navigate the Smart TV user interface that Freespace was born.

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