Freespace® FAQ

This section will answer five key questions:

  1. What is Motion Control?
  2. What does Freespace Motion Control Provide?
  3. What Makes Freespace Work?
  4. Which Industries and Products Use Freespace?
  5. How Do I Add Freespace to my Products?


What is Motion Control?

Have you ever played a tilt game like Doodle Jump on your smartphone? Or played golf on the Wii? Or danced with your friends using your Xbox Kinect? In that case you’ve used motion control technology. It captures human and mechanical movement and uses it to control and interact with devices.

Through gaming systems and smartphones users are getting comfortable with motion as a control mechanism. Advances in sensor technology are making high performance sensors increasingly affordable, so motion sensors can now be found in everything from your running shoes to your smartphone to your TV remote control. However, the sensors are only part of the story. In order to turn sensors data into motion control, ‘sensor fusion’ software is required to generate the complete motion picture and provide high quality data to applications.

This is where Hillcrest’s expertise lies. Our Freespace® technology transforms raw data from individual inertial and magnetic sensors into advanced application ready data through sensor qualification, sensor calibration, and sensor fusion. With more than a decade of motion experience, an unrivalled knowledge of motion systems and numerous successful mass market deployments, we enable partners to quickly and effectively enhance and differentiate products through motion.


What does Freespace® Motion Control Provide?

Freespace® – Powering the ultimate motion control systems.

Stunning Control

Freespace is the gold standard for motion control systems, creating powerful and flexible solutions which ensure the most precise and intuitive motion control available.

Innovative Features

All Freespace systems benefit from unique features which work automatically with no user involvement to create a seamless motion control experience.

Successful Products

Freespace is market-proven as the driving force behind truly innovative products.

Uncompromising Quality

Freespace systems set the standard for the motion control industry. Hillcrest relentlessly pursues further improvements to ensure Freespace solutions remain the most advanced and comprehensive motion control solutions available. We firmly believe that our passion and progress will make natural motion control more accessible and widespread.


What Makes Freespace® Work?

Freespace® is different because, simply, it works. No specific learning, training or calibration is required for users to pick up a Freespace device and exert masterful motion control.

This is possible through a variety of unique features invented or optimized by our team. Some of the features which make Freespace just work are:

Sensor Qualification Lab

Our unique sensor qualification lab provides objective insight into sensor performance, elevating performance of all sensors and ensuring equally high performance from sensors from different sensor brands.

Orientation Compensation

An essential and patent protected feature which ensures ‘up’ is always ‘up’ regardless of how a device is held, allowing for relaxed and natural usage.

Automatic Gyroscope Calibration

Our automated calibration methods eliminate gyro drift with no user requirements.

Magnetic Interference Removal

Dynamic tracking of magnetic fields automatically minimizes the effect of hard and soft iron magnetic interference on heading.

Intelligent Motion Stabilization

Stabilizes motion caused by natural human hand tremors and unintentional motion such as that made while clicking a button.

Smallest ‘Dead Zone’

Higher sensitivity levels mean we avoid the motion dead zone found in many competitive products, making fine motion control and selection easier.


 What Industries Use Freespace®?

Freespace® was conceived as a product for the Smart TV industry, but expanded throughout the consumer electronics universe and beyond. Industries with products enhanced by Freespace include:

Smart TV

Freespace provides the versatile and powerful control to maximize the array of apps, web browsing and gaming on Smart TVs and Set Top Boxes today. By replicating the Smartphone user experience – point and click, drag and drop, and zoom in and out – users can have a more varied, interactive and fun experience with their TV.


Progressive mobile companies are developing innovative motion-based applications including augmented reality, context awareness and pedestrian navigation. Freespace provides the advanced motion control foundation necessary for these applications while ensuring the low costs and low power necessitated in mobile devices.


Motion is a key part of many immersive gaming experiences. The precise control provided by Freespace offers unrivaled control of motion games and our technology is licensed by major gaming companies, used to power casual gaming on Smart TVs and elevates the performance of off-the-shelf mobile games.


Freespace provides the flawless motion required for HMDs, whether they are used for immersive virtual reality and gaming applications or to provide real-time information to industrial processes and emergency services workers.

Health and Fitness

From measuring the performance of professional athletes to providing intelligence on physical therapy treatments to step and calorie counting, Freespace motion can transform how people are evaluate, analyze and improve their activities.


Motion-enabled PC peripherals can benefit both entertainment and productivity. Precise in-air cursor control and gesture navigation can add a new dimension to business presentations and extend the control of media center PCs used to stream video or browse the web at a distance.


How Can I Add Freespace to my Products?

Freespace motion control is available through a number of products from Hillcrest Labs. Our core MotionEngine™ software platform is available in Universal, Smart TV and Mobile versions. It is available for license, and is also used to power a range of hardware and white label devices which represent turnkey motion control solutions. All of our products enable our customers to enhance their products with Freespace® motion, gesture and cursor control.

For more information on our products, please visit our Products section.