About Us

Experts in Motion

Hillcrest Labs is the leading global supplier of software and hardware for motion control applications. Our Freespace® technology transforms raw sensor data into advanced motion information. From smart TVs to smartphones and beyond, Freespace® motion makes products come to life..

At Hillcrest you will find:

Unsurpassed Motion Expertise

Our depth of knowledge on the optimal approach, strategies and techniques for developing, integrating and optimizing motion enabled products is unmatched. Our unique perspective on motion and the user experience has led to numerous successful mass market implementations with some of the world’s leading consumer electronics companies.

Elegant Solutions to Complex Issues

Our broad knowledge and deep expertise allows us to provide clients with solutions that add to their products, creating elegant solutions to complex issues. Our focus on enhancing the usability of the latest motion technologies allows our customers to differentiate and enhance products through motion.

Unmatched Flexibility

Our breadth of experience allows us to provide the most flexible solutions to increase the impact and accelerate the time to market for customers’ products. You can find out more about our history, freespace technology and products on this website, and please do not hesitate to contact us with questions: partners@hillcrestlabs.com.